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Safety Compliance Audits

Sudden Safety Consultants observe, report, and document site conditions to help employers identify and correct specific “short term” hazards before accidents occur. They also provide guidance in establishing or improving an effective Safety and Health Program and recommendations to correct the hazards specifically identified.


“The U.S. Congress recognized the importance of prevention of accidents, injuries, and illnesses by enacting the

Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970.”

Site Specific Safety Programs

Sudden Safety Consultants work with companies to help create better workplaces by assessing their safey needs and implementing a formal written Safety and Health Program. Effective Safety and Health Programs address industry specific work-related hazards including the potential hazards that could result from a change in worksite conditions or practices. 


Workplaces that establish written Safety and Health Programs can reduce their injury and illness costs by 20-40%. In today's business environment, these costs can be the difference between operating in the black and running in the red.

other plans and programs available

Expert Witness Services


Accident Investigation and Analysis


Emergency Action Plans


Corporate Safety Programs


Site Safety Logistics Plans (NYC BEST Squad)


Fire Safety Plans


Noise Mitigation Plans


Emergency Evacuation Plan

Sudden Safety Consultants provide objective and professional evaluations of each case to determine the facts, write a report, and provide expert testimony, if required. We do not, however, make any guarantee or implication regarding the outcome or resoution of any case.


The information contained on this website exists solely to promote inquires by prospective clients and for no other purpose.

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